• Usage Policy

Usage Policy

You are now reading the legal terms of use. This acts as an agreement between you ‘the customer’, we refer to you as ‘you’ or ‘the customer’, and us. We are ‘Haveez’ and we own this website. We are a registered company in Qatar with a registered office in Doha. We refer to ourselves in this context as ‘Haveez’ or ‘we’.
By doing any transaction on the website, you hereby agree to all the terms and conditions stated below (called the agreement). This agreement is between you and us.
We have the right to modify the terms and conditions at any given time. We will both send and publish any modifications online. You can end this agreement by sending a written note via the post or via an email ‘info@haveez.com’. If you don’t agree to the updated terms and conditions, you should stop using the website immediately. Continuing to use the website only means that you agree to the modifications.
Legal rights: nothing in this agreement affects your legal rights as a user.
We use different terms in this agreement. You will recognize them when you see the capital letters. For example:
Offer provider: a third party who sells products and services that you can replace with coupons
Micro-site: means a complementary website to our main website
Buying: means buying a coupon
Register: means creating an account on the website (registration means working on creating an account)
Service: means any and every service that Haveez provides through the website (or via electronic or other communication forms from Haveez). This includes information services, content, and transaction capabilities (including the ability to complete a purchase process). 
Coupon: the voucher that undergoes the terms and conditions. If you bought one yourself, you are allowed to (the buyer not anyone else) use it at the offer provider in exchange for the products he has available in the form of deals.
Coupon Products: means the products or services provided by certain offer providers. It is described as part of the voucher. 
The Website: means haveez.com or any other Micro-Site.
General issues concerning the website and the services
• Applicability of terms and conditions
Using this website and completing purchases are subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement. 
• Scope of usage
The website, services, and purchases are for non-commercial, personal use only. 
• Prevention of use
We reserve the right to prevent you from using the website and the services (or some of them) as well as from completing any purchase process.
• Equipment
Using the website does not include the availability of a computer device or any other type of equipment to reach the website or complete a purchase process. All you need is an internet connection as well as the needed wired and wireless connection. We will not be responsible for any phone calls, connection costs, or any other costs that you might bear. 
• Haveez’s customers’ rights
You have the right to unsubscribe from our promotional emails, simply through clicking on the unsubscribe button. You also have the right to refuse the usage of your personal information in our marketing, manage your account on the website, and change your personal information like your address and credit card information.