• About Haveez

About Haveez

The meaning of Haveez
Haveez is a word that means ‘shop’. This word was used in some parts of the Arabian Gulf. It is a small shop or shop that is usually built in wood or other simple materials. It can be found in a market or on the road. 
Haveez for Information Technology launched Haveez.com in 2018. The website is specialized in promoting daily deals. Haveez brings you the best offers in different fields such as restaurants, cafes, entertainment, tourism, health, and beauty, as well as various other products and services. 
Our marketing team is always working to bring you the best offers and discounts to choose what suits you from. Our development team is constantly enhancing and upgrading the website to make it even more user-friendly. The purpose is to make it easy to shop and browse. 
Haveez’s offers are useful to both the client and the seller; the client can make use of all the real discounts and offers available. On the other hand, the seller gets exposed to a bigger database of customers from different backgrounds. 
Haveez for Information Technology
Haveez for Information Technology also offers other services such as:
Websites creation and development.
Mobile apps creation and development.
Social Media management.
Email Marketing.
Promotional text messages.